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Welcome to Goals Management World

NASAIMAGINE is a place for goals achievement through motivation, inspiration and support.

We at NASAIMAGINE trust that there are sure principles in goal setting practices and achieving success, if well-coordinated into a personal development framework, will essentially build increase chances of accomplishing goals. It works for sales, service, production, fitness, relationships, sports, algebra and etc. basically, anything that requires you to work at it.

A Goal Without Timeline is Just a Dream.

Manage Goals

Set up goals ,create milestones, tasks, and habits related to your every goal.


Rikizu is an framework intended to answer all questions (lazy search engine) and help you around NASAIMAGINE.

Connect with people and share

Share and discover information about goals and people around the globe, who are in progress.

Nexus Messenger

Connect with people beyond friends, share your views, Express yourself.

Work with Teams

Create your team, achieve goals altogether. Connect with people based on similar interests.

Make your decisions

Decision Making system designed with management principles to help users to choose best from alternatives.

Create Professional Portfolio


Represents your goals progress, decisions and posts you shared in your portfolio.

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Represent your team, team's goals, team's decisions and posts shared.

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Our Planet Needs attention!

Unless someone like you and we together cares as a whole awful alot, nothing is going to get better. Our meaning is to make our little planet, Earth a better place to live, to stop wars, nuclear missiles , to stop diseases and to stop pollution.

In fact, you will not find common people here. We all have a cause, dream or goal to be here Together.